Welcome to your new oasis


Capturing the right audience

When a private client and a top NZ real estate firm needed to create an effective marketing campaign for a parkside penthouse, they approached us to craft a bespoke landing page that would capture the attention of a particular segment of the population. Though Kiwis traditionally favored houses over highrises, there was a growing sentiment that city living is just as rewarding as living in the urban fringes.  The challenge was pin pointing exactly who this target audience was and what their motivation and aspiration were, given the price point and location of the (yet to be completed) building.





Digital First

From the onset we made the decision to create a digitally led campaign, taking advantage of both the reach and the effective post click/conversion mechanism that traditional marketing doesn't offer. A series of Facebook and Instagram ads were launched in conjunction with directing web traffic from other sources (we also bought a series of print ads) to the main landing page, using the contact form to convert interests to prospects.

Post Production

The turnaround time for the entire design process and development of the landing page took less than three weeks, given the ambitious deadline that was set initially. The landing page has been the primary driver for all new leads (75%) and has received great feedback from both prospects and those in the real estate industry.